Created on Friday, 21 February 2014 00:48

Ettalong Beach Ferry Terminal

During the next few weeks the Chamber of Commerce will be making representation to the Federal Government for $4.5M to construct the ferry terminal at Ettalong Beach. It has approval and commencement. The project would bring visitors, commuters & tourists directly to the town centre in a state of the art ferry terminal.

Roads 2025

With 85% of our local roads on the Peninsula not kerbed and guttered and in an appalling state, the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce will be making representation to the all levels of Government to invest our tax dollars to make huge improvements over the next ten years to infrastructure. Our roads need to be kerbed & guttered, drainage to consist of absorption pits to drain to underground aquifers together with concrete footpaths.

Waterfront Link

We have just seen the completion of the beautiful Ettalong Beach waterfront and we are now intend to make representations to Gosford Council to start planning to extend that work to Ocean Beach Surf Club. There are literally hundreds of people who walk the footpath/ cycleway each day and it is in need of improvements to walk safely and to enjoy the vistas.